Day Opportunities

Our Activities

Independence and life skills

We provide a supportive and enabling environment developing skills in cooking, healthy eating, food safety, budgeting, shopping, personal safety and well-being. These promote independent living and the development of life skills. We also have an accessible garden area where we grow our own vegetables.

Drama, Dance & Performing Arts

Our drama and dance sessions are great fun. Participants develop their creativity, confidence, communication and self-expression, staying fit and healthy in a fun and creative way. The group put on at least two performances a year. Everyone can get involved in creating the costumes, props and scenery as well as the design, media and posters.

Sports & Active Sessions

These sessions promote active life styles and participation in varied sports and activities including Boccia, multi-sports, games tournaments, walking and outdoor pursuits. Benefits include being active, developing technical skills, team work and leadership.

Woodwork and upcycling workshop

We have our own in house workshop which is a multi-functional space where we create, make, repair and upcycle! Some of our recent projects include bug hotels, tech stands, designing and building an additional accessible workbench, furniture painting and upholstery.

Tech, Media and Creative Science

Our Tech sessions are a hub of creativity. The group develop skills in IT, photography, media and design producing newsletters, menus, posters, tickets and information booklets as well as our social media and website posts. Some recent tech science projects have included making hovercrafts, props and assistive technology gadgets.

Textiles and Handmade Crafts

This group develop their skills and creativity using hand and machine sewing techniques. We’ve made reusable shoppers, aprons for the cooking group and costumes designed for the drama group. We’ve also enjoyed making handmade craft items, art work, card making, flower arranging and much more!

Social Enterprise Ventures

Our members are fully involved in all aspects of the service and in particular running the social club and social afternoon; running the snack bar, organising and planning activities and events. We have regular fayers, coffee mornings and events throughout the year where we sell our handmade crafts, upcycled items and garden produce.

Community links and Citizenship

Everyone is encouraged to develop a strong sense of citizenship and community involvement as valued members of the local and wider community. We make use of facilities in the local community such as sports and community centres and we are currently developing a volunteer partnership with the “friends of group” for our local park.

Trips & Out and About

Each project group plans regular field trips and visit places of interest linked to their group outcomes. Some examples include: exhibitions, theatre trips, museums, interactive groups and environmental projects.

Accessing our services

If you don’t already have direct payments or funding in place you may need to access a social worker to arrange an assessment. If your funding is already in place you can make a self-referral or enquiry and we can arrange a visit or a taster session so that you can get a feel for what we offer and what services you would like to access.

Support needs

Once you have decided what services you would like to access we will carry out an assessment to determine the right level of support required to enable you to meet agreed outcomes and be able to fully engage, make the most of your day and achieve your goals. We will then work with you to develop your individualised support plan and timetable.

Donations Welcome

Your donations and support are important as it means we can continue to provide the care and services that we offer.

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